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A brief guide to who we are, and what make us tick

A little about us

Why Trinity?

The name Trinity points to the essence of who God is as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

God is much more than some kind of cosmic force, he is the Father of all.

Jesus is the Son who came to reconcile people back to the Father.

The Holy Spirit is here with us now, to help us in every aspect of our lives.



Our highest privilege is to express our devotion to God in every aspect of life.  The way we live, the way we serve and the way we worship.  


We love it that church is diverse, with people of different age groups, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds who value, support and encourage one another.   


Our mission is to call people to follow Christ and to to live by the values he taught.  This is a life long journey that has the power to change lives and to transform relationships.  


From earliest times the church was called to be of practical benefit to the communities of which they were a part, by helping those in need or by advocating for those who feel powerless. 


Trinity Church officially launched in September 2017, but our history does go back a little further than that.  

Our beginning is located in the Assembly of God church that was planted in Palmerston North in 1927.  By 2008 the name had been changed to Salt and was made up of two congregations (of which we were one).  Both churches agreed it was best that each had it's own identity in the City, and so Trinity Church came into being.


We are still part of the Assembly of God and value our relationship with Salt as well as the other churches in the city.


Senior Ministers: 

Alan and Irene Frost

Board of Trustees: 

Alan Frost

Lorraine Stephens

Kit Enriquez

Daina Gloyn

Leadership Team:

Alan and Irene Frost

Grant and Lorraine Stephens

Albert and Dina Cagaoan

George Teneza


We value our connections with the wider church, both on a local and national level.



We are part of a the Assemblies of God, which is a network of churches throughout New Zealand.


We are connected to other Christian churches in Palmerston North through the Christian Leaders Association.

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