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The way we connect with others is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being human.  


We don't believe that church can be done on your own, but is about people getting together, learning, eating, worshipping, praying, encouraging, and laughing.

Bible Studies and Prayer

We connect in a variety of small groups for Bible studies, prayer and fellowship.  Some are midweek in the evenings, some on the weekend, and we also have groups in Central Hawkes Bay.    


Joy Quijano and William Sutherland lead our youth, and they get together on Friday evening in person and/or via zoom for Bible study and discussion.  They also get together at other random times to hang out and have some fun.

Men's and Women's 

Both the men and the women have monthly gatherings.  It could be a meal out, a study,. discussion, or ten pin bowling.  Always a good time, and always plenty of food!

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