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10.30am at the Cloverlea School Hall, 55 Herbert Avenue
6pm Sundays message is available on our Facebook Page.

Trinity is a Christian Church in Palmersto North, on Sundays after some coffee we kick off our service with some sung worship
Trinity is a Christian church in Palmerston North and we believe in encouraging and equipping the next generation.


An important part of church is simply spending time hanging out and being together.  So, we serve coffee from 10am to 10.30am, and after the service is finished we serve some more coffee and munchies.  Current favourite food is donuts!


The more formal part of the service starts at 10.30am, usually with some sung worship.  This has been an element of church life for the last two thousand years, and while the music styles may have changed the heart to worship God in song has not.


In the message we explore what the Bible has to say to us in the twenty first century, and how it can shape our priorities, our values, lifestyles and relationships.


The new generation is important to us, and we want to do all we can to help them learn and grow.  During the preaching the kids head off to their programme, where they can learn in a way that is relevant to them...and have some fun along the way!

Please note our kids programme is currently in recess

Gatherings 10.30am on Sundays

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